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We go great lengths to ensure that each pin is made to perfection. Our pins are made in our own factories by hand to ensure every detail is of the highest quality. The Art of making a pin is very unique and special. There IS a big difference between a high quality and a poor quality pin. See for yourself! Our customers always comment on the beauty and exceptional quality of our pins.

1. Cloisonne
Each pin design is die struck on solid copper and hand-filled with colors that match most Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors. Each pin is then fired and polished to achieve a glassy surface and then plated with gold, silver, bronze or nickel-black which produces a jewelry quality looking pin.

2. Etched Soft Enamel
Less expensive process but still maintains a great looking pin. Etched into the surface of solid brass, the recessed image are hand color filled with soft enamel paints to match most Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors and then plated in the colors of gold, silver, bronze or nickel-black. An epoxy dome can be added on the surface at no extra charge for luster and protection.

3. Die struck sandblasted
With this process the design of the pin is die struck into solid copper and sand blasted for an elegant appearance then the pins are gold, silver, or bronze plated to your specification. This type of pin involves a two-toned process which creates a great contrast.

4. Screen Printed
With this process you can duplicate of any art design without alteration. The image is screen printed directly onto gold or silver-plated brass. This is ideal for high volume low budget promotions. An epoxy dome can be added at no extra charge for luster and protection.<

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